Simone has been an absolute star in helping my family and I to get healthy, and by that I mean properly healthy. Here’s how…..

Like most that probably seek Simone’s help, I received a “wake-up call” via my doctor, when doing a standard blood test. There were a few key concerns; my cholesterol was high, my sugar levels were high
(pre-diabetic) and I had an elevated PSA reading (prostate concerns). For an active 43 year old, who thought he ate well, this was quite a shock. My GPs suggestion was to wait and test again in 6 months to see what got worse and take it from there! Unfortunately, not even a suggestion of what could be done pro-actively to do something about these issues. Well, I wasn’t prepared to sit around and wait for bad

Lucky for me, I knew Simone and went to see her straight away. A much more detailed blood test highlighted other key concerns that the doctor hadn’t even picked up on. Even though it was more disturbing to find out there was more going on than first thought(!) it made perfect sense to me that I was now with someone who had a much more thorough and professional approach in finding out what needed to be addressed, and then the plan of what to do about it.

Suffice to say that in the first 3 months of working with Simone, we corrected all these issues and brought them back into normal range, and that’s where they’ve stayed. I say “we” because quite simply I couldn’t have done it without her. The program that she put me on wasn’t tough and was certainly an eye opener to what I thought was eating healthy, compared to what actually IS eating healthy. Simone’s advice from the start, plus the on-going support, has been invaluable.

Two more things I’d like to add:

1. There are plenty of opinions and competition on the right foods to eat to be healthy. What Simone described to me with regards to food, ie, why we need certain fats etc, made sense to me, even if I don’t understand it in detail. And the proof has certainly been in my results and those of my family. So when people want to have a debate with me on diets and foods that shouldn’t be eaten etc, I just bow out and let them know that Simone’s advice works for me, and her other clients that I know. It’s a great feeling to have a 100% confidence in someone, and not feel any need to get suckered into a debate about it!

2. From a family perspective, I have a beautiful daughter that has always been a bit overweight. Not a lot, but chubby in the face and a bit of a tummy on her. My wife and I were concerned on how, or if, we
should address this. She was 9 years old at the time (she’s now 11), and we didn’t want her to become a teenager and feel self conscious, and then regret that we hadn’t done something about it earlier. Would we give her a complex by chatting about it with her? We didn’t know, and were at a loss on how to solve it. She’s not into sport, so it all came to diet, and since we “thought” we were eating healthy, we were stuck.
So we took her to see Simone as well and found out some very interesting things through her blood test. The short and happy end result is that since we have all been on Simone’s program and eating plan, the extra weight has fallen from her. She looks radiant and healthy and as parents we couldn’t be more thrilled, knowing that we are giving her the best possible start for her life. Something about being proud parents I think?! We can’t thank Simone enough for the change she’s brought to our daughter.

So my advice? Don’t wait for a wake-up call!! I learnt that there’s plenty going inside each of us that can and should be addressed now, rather than later. I’m just thankful that I caught mine before they were too serious and tougher to correct. But it would have been much better to have started 5 years ago “before” the issues! The exciting part is that as a family we feel much more confident about a long and healthy future together, thanks to Simone.

Wayne Armstrong.