Recent statistics reveal  an outbreak in blood sugar problems and/or diabetes will occur in the next few  years. Make this statistic one that does not apply to you.

50% Of The Population Have No Idea Of This Potential Time Bomb

Why wait for the disease process to start. Stop the bomb from going off. Start a course of positive action for prevention.

And yes many will say it won’t happen to me it usually happens to someone else.

The problem usually starts like this. You’re not feeling well, you’re tired, light headed and your brain seems foggy. After a series of tests nothing is found! It is now explained to you that everything is ok, nothing serious. But you feel yuck! This doesn’t make sense. You’re after answers and no one can tell you what’s wrong.

The First Step To Good Health

You cannot change your condition until you know exactly where your body is now.  It is just like taking a journey:

  • First you need to know where you are
  • Second you need to know where you are going.

It is only when you have this information can you plot a course.

The problem with most practitioners is that they only do the second step.  They know the destination is good health, but until you find out how your body is functioning now, you will never have the right plan to achieve the goal of being super healthy.

At the Gold Coast Anti Ageing and Wellbeing Centre we are constantly updating our research and diagnostic testing so we can get to the bottom of people’s health challenges. Embarking on improving ones health can get very confusing with mixed messages all around us.

With the technology we can scientifically back our findings so our clients feel confident in reaching their health goals that last for life.

We provide education backed by over 30 years of research  from a team of specialists in pathology, environmental toxicology, dental toxicology and biochemistry nutrition.

First Step Is To Do Our Homework On You

It involves the following procedures:

  • Pathology Testing
  • Body Measurements
  • Blood Pressure
  • Glucose Testing
  • Urine Heavy Metal Testing
  • pH Testing
  • Zinc Tally Testing
  • Lifestyle Questionnaire

Next Step Is Your Report Of Findings

After doing the above testing (on site) we can observe your immune response to your working environment, heavy metal toxicity, malnutrition, poor detoxification, suffering from infection, and whether lifestyle is contributing to your poor health.

Your Support And Ongoing Education For Optimum Health

Ultimate Health Check: The First Step To Good HealthWe will put in place a proven health program that will fit your hectic lifestyle to start improving your immune system, turn your body into a fat burning machine, improve your detoxification process without starving and improve your energy levels.

You will be taught how to stop the ageing process to keep your health for life. We don’t believe in fads we believe in providing the right tools. Knowledge is power and for people to make the right choices that will keep their body functioning correctly.

We know how important it is for you to have this initial testing so that you can have the exact plan that you need to get you on the road to supreme good health so we have put together a:

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The Ultimate Health Check


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