Welcome to the Gold Coast Anti Ageing and Wellbeing Centre.  Our centre is situated in Southport on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia and we are changing the way we treat individuals by using the latest in scientific research that takes the guess work out of your health challenges and sets you on a path that gives you optimum health you have only dreamt about.

This centre’s strategies are based on good reliable science, not from marketable fad programs and other health hypes.  People are in confusion with the information overload about what is the best program for their own health problems with not much improvement and now lack trust trying to find a reputable health care practitioner that will help them with their health challenges.   We are now faced with chronic degenerative diseases that are growing at epidemic proportions.

Where do people go when they are constantly feeling let down and left with not much hope for their future?

So What Makes This Program So Different?

We use analysis of blood chemistries, to identify imbalances and then guide our clients along their journey to long lasting health and most importantly to be educated on a healthy lifestyle.  Health is a part of who you are.  It affects your life every minute.  If there is a way to improve your health and your life, then wouldn’t you take that opportunity?  You cannot put a price on happiness and life

We have developed a state-of-the-art and up to date scientific system to help you understand the underlying causes of your health challenges and the affects by dental toxins, malnutrition and the environment and how to overcome these toxicities.

Many chronic health problems may have been caused by damage from dental fillings, root canals, cavitations, diet, or environmental toxins. Any of these can adversely change your body chemistry.  This damage may have pushed your immune system over the edge, leaving you more susceptible to immune diseases.

It is my mission to prevent problems than to try to cure them, I think you will agree.

I will be happy to show you how to prevent premature ageing and future degenerative diseases by teaching you how to care for your body as well as you can.

“Medicine is a business about profit not about what is best for you”.