Teeth - The Cause Of Chronic Diseases

The teeth are an integral part of the body, and not just tools for cutting up food. If the teeth are unhealthy, this may disturb other organs and functions of the body. Many chronic diseases, such as neuralgia, chronic sinusitis, headache, back problems or diseases of the joints, are correlated with dental problems.

Biological Medicine And Dental Treatment

Every tooth, as a part of the human body, is closely connected with the meridian and lymphatic system. An infected tooth or inflamed jaw may well cause disturbances in the respective part of the functional system. The same applies in the case of toxic load caused by heavy metals.

In our experience, the main problems are:

  •  Amalgam and other toxic metals such as mercury, palladium, titanium etc.
  • Root-canalling of dead teeth, inflammations of the jaw, abscesses etc.
  • Metal intolerance, especially in the case of implants
  • Impacted or displaced teeth

At the Gold Coast Antiageing and Wellbeing Centre we work alongside the only biological dentist in QLD to ensure you receive the best in health services for you to gain optimum health that lasts.

 At The Eric Davis Dental Centre Diagnosis Includes:

Get More Energy From Having Healthy Teeth And Gums

  • Dental, paradontal and functional status
  • OPG x-rays
  • Detection of hidden heavy metal load (mercury, zinc, palladium) and infection
  • Examination for the detection of interference fields and dental material intolerance

Amalgam Cleansing

As a potent cell toxin, amalgam can disrupt, or even paralyse, bodily functions. For many patients, the removal of amalgam is the first step towards managing physical ailments. However, amalgam removal is a critical operation. If incorrect techniques are used, mercury vapour may be discharged. Dr Eric Davis has developed methods to prevent any harm to patients. These methods are continually adapted to the latest developments:

  • Special suction technique
  • Low frequency drilling
  • Covering measures
  • Oxygen

Support At The Gold Coast Antiageing & Wellbeing Centre

Before, during and after the removal of amalgam, the mercury stored in the body is eliminated by the means of biochemistry nutrition which will help release heavy metal toxicity plus the use of specific natural medicine and follow up blood chemistry to closely monitor your results. At the Gold Coast Antiageing & Wellbeing Centre our health coach and dentist cooperate closely.

Naturopath Gold Coast Antiageing Program

  • Blood chemistry analysis to monitor before and after the dental care program to ensure you have regained optimum health
  • Wellness journal to monitor your improvements and adjust the program as your body changes
  • Nutrition plan
  • Sauna therapy to help eliminate heavy metal toxicity
  • We are with you every step of the way throughout the whole process