Age 54

I first visited The Gold Coast Anti Ageing & Wellbeing Centre and met Simone Sleep early January, 2011. At this time I was overweight and had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes about 4 years earlier. My blood glucose levels were quite high and my doctor had me on strong doses of Metformin and Diamicron to control glucose levels. I was also on blood pressure tablets and aspirin to thin my blood.

I’ve been involved in Property Development on the Gold Coast for many years and like many other developers and businesses was hit hard by the GFC in 2008.

From 2008 to January, 2011 was an extremely tough time, we had high debts and reduced valuations and had to sell a lot of property in a tough market to keep the wheels turning. This was a time of high stress, depression and sometimes it just wasn’t worth getting out of bed in the morning or afternoon, which led to a sedentary lifestyle, bad sleeping patterns, low self esteem and bad health in general and all the problems and aches and pains associated with all of the above.

The initial discussions with Simone were all about getting to know my medical history and we started with an emphasis on diet, exercise and detoxification through infra-red sauna and massage. We discussed the possible problems to my health caused by previous dental work, including amalgam fillings and root canal fillings.

For me this was all different from mainstream medicine and I admit that I had my reservations to begin with, but also had an open mind to the possible benefits.

I carried out my own research with Simone’s advice into such things as traditional high fat-low carb diets, and dentistry through web sites and DVD’s, etc. We then started the program with improved diet, exercise, supplements, weekly infra-red saunas and massage for detoxification. The next step was to have comprehensive blood tests.

When we received the results of the blood tests I had been with the program for about 8 weeks. We were already starting to see the benefits including weight loss and I was gaining confidence with the program. With the full blood test analysis Simone could pinpoint exactly where my problem areas were and proceeded to design her ‘prescription for health’ and my program from that point on.


The program included refined diet, exercise, supplements, dentistry, detoxification etc. etc.. I had now carried out enough of my own research and talked with Simone over many weeks as well as seeing the initial improvements to be confident with the program and fully committed from that point on.


I had now realised that the program was much more than mainstream medicine had ever offered. My doctors had just been treating the problems whereas Simone’s program gets to the cause of the problems and improves general health and well-being well before mainstream medicine is required. I also noted that the program didn’t interfere with anything my doctor had prescribed as these two could run parallel without affecting the other.


We continued with the program including:

Weekly consultations and review of progress;

  • Dentistry work on amalgam filling removal and root canal extractions;
  • Improved and refined diet and exercise;
  • Further detoxification and supplements;
  • Glucose and blood pressure testing


I was fairly disciplined with it all because I had confidence in the program and was ready for change.

My dentistry work was carried out by Doctor Eric Davis who specialises in amalgam removal and extraction of root canal fillings. Eric has been a long time associate of Simone and a pioneer in the health benefits of this type of dentistry.

There was a lot to the dentistry program but in brief the many amalgams I had removed were poisoning my system with mercury and the 4 root canals I had removed were badly infected causing a lot of health problems including possible heart attack.

Eric’s work and advice was invaluable and the improved results were almost instant after the dentistry was completed.

After this I continued with the program and things just improved rapidly from there. I gradually gave away all the medications my doctor had prescribed, at my own discretion, and monitored the results closely as improvements accelerated.  My blood glucose is now down to normal levels and I am confident that Simone’s program has now cured my Type 2 Diabetes.

I appreciate that we have established the building blocks of improved diet and exercise and many other areas for a healthy lifestyle into the future.

My sleeping patterns have now improved, I have now lost over 20kg in 6 months and if it was only about weight loss Jenny Craig would be out of business, but Simone’s program offers a range of health benefits far in excess of weight loss alone.

I now have a lot of energy, I’m back to work for 12 hours a day, business is improving quickly and I now have the strength to cope with the tough times.


There are many components to the program and it’s hard to say which ones led to the improvements. I’m now a total believer in this program and now realize that Simone knew exactly the path to take from day one.

I really can’t say enough about Simone and Eric and the whole program.

We will continue with it from here and I’m sure will continue to see improvements into the future.

In summary, I’d just like to say that the last six months with Simone’s program has been completely life changing for me.

I now have my life back and I just can’t thank Simone and Eric enough for their help, advice and support.


Brett Currey