Herbivores vs Omnivores

Weight Loss Through Fat Burning

It’s time to let go of the wishful thinking that pervades vegan myths and open up to the complex truths.  Yes, it might be painful at first, but it’s a crucial step to understanding how we can honour animals, promote personal health, well-being, anti-aging and sustain the environment.

To start with, humans are omnivores with a mixed feeder’s teeth and digestive system. If we were meant to be herbivores, we’d have a mouth designed to chew cud and four big stomachs to hold and process it.  Grazing all day not only wastes the time and energy omnivores need to live passionate and productive lives, but can lead to indigestion, bloated stomachs, painful gas and either constipation or Diarrhoea.   Worse still, herbivores will either put on weight like cows, or become emaciated

Lynelle Rafton

Lynelle_Rafton“I became a client of Simone’s last June and have achieved all and more what I set out to achieve. My initial aim was to reduce my cholesterol and come off medication.  This happened within the first 2 months.

Simone’s plan included diet, dentistry and formulations. The blood chemistry test identified other health issues and we were able to systematically deal with each. A good sub product has been loss of weight and a general sense of wellbeing. Simone’s friendly but firm manner has been appreciated and effective. The diet has become a natural way of life now and I will continue to adopt the learnings into the future and beyond the treatment period.”

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Wayne Armstrong

Simone has been an absolute star in helping my family and I to get healthy, and by that I mean properly healthy. Here’s how…..

Like most that probably seek Simone’s help, I received a “wake-up call” via my doctor, when doing a standard blood test. There were a few key concerns; my cholesterol was high, my sugar levels were high
(pre-diabetic) and I had an elevated PSA reading (prostate concerns). For an active 43 year old, who thought he ate well, this was quite a shock. My GPs suggestion was to wait and test again in 6 months to see what got worse and take it from there! Unfortunately, not even a suggestion of what could be done pro-actively to do something about these issues. Well, I wasn’t prepared to sit around and wait for bad

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A Rafton

I came to Simone feeling lethargic, overweight, concerned about my health and feeling every one of my 57 years. Now almost a year later I have lost over 8kg, without really trying, have more energy than any time in the last decade and feel 10 years younger.

I have adjusted to my new diet more readily than I expected and enjoy feeling lighter, fresher and more energetic. I can now see me enjoying a healthy, active and youthful life for many decades more.

Simone is efficient, determined and enthusastic support is a key factor in my success”.

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Garrick Morgan

Garrick Morgan“I feel a great change with more energy and have lost over 8kg.  I thoroughly enjoy eating the foods and don’t have to eat much during the day as I continually feel satisfied.  I am now sleeping much better after losing the extra weight.  Thank you Simone”.

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Brett Currey

Age 54

I first visited The Gold Coast Anti Ageing & Wellbeing Centre and met Simone Sleep early January, 2011. At this time I was overweight and had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes about 4 years earlier. My blood glucose levels were quite high and my doctor had me on strong doses of Metformin and Diamicron to control glucose levels. I was also on blood pressure tablets and aspirin to thin my blood.

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